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By Lily Sachs on December 21st,  2021

Key Points:

  • Review the year that passed (COVID precedent) 
  • Identify Future Business Goals 
  • Understanding your unique selling point (ProTek’s USP)
  • Look Ahead for Obstacles 
  • Monitor your progress along the way
  1. Review the Year that Past

Typically we would be reflecting on the year that passed, just like the previous years. But 2021 was again like 2020, anything but ordinary. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty for us to learn about the past year. An unprecedented past two years of chaos has shown us that looking back on the previous years to plan for the future has its merits.

Steps to Take:

  • Identify the goals you set for yourself at the year’s beginning.
  • Which of these goals have you achieved?
  • If there were any goals you didn’t achieve, reflect on whether the goals you set were tangible.
  • What strategies used assisted in achieving your goals?
  • Write down these reflections, keep an eye on them daily and use them for plan-making. These reflections will help you think, collect knowledge, remember, and create new ideas.
  1. Identify Your Future Business Goals

Stay current with the health of your business! – After reviewing the past year with the addition of knowing your business’s health, you will have an excellent understanding of where your business stands.

This information gives you a perfect blueprint to create objectives that consider your previous performance. Once you identify your realistic goals based on complex data, you can better plan to achieve them.

Steps to Take:

  • Use prior achievements to guide future goals & successes.
  • Use SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) to set goals that inspire you.
  • Now, use this data to plan the steps you require to meet these goals.
  • Mark them off as you work through each of them, and make sure to look at them daily!
  1. Understanding Your Unique Selling Point – ProTek Partners USP!

What does your business offer that other competitors don’t? Recognizing your competitive advantage enables you to understand what you should strengthen and endorse to current and potential clients. Below, you can find an example of a unique selling point from our business.

ProTek Partners USP – The leadership of Pro Tek Partners and our experienced team of recruiters have an average tenure of 10 years. Pro Tek Partners exceeds the industry average, and it provides resources that are unavailable to our competitors. These include a high level of industry knowledge, trusted and valued relationships, and understanding of what it takes to complete the task at hand. Our foundation of core contributors is unmatched.

  1. Look Ahead for Obstacles

The past two years have taught us that not everything goes to plan. So, remember, even after setting goals and identifying how to achieve them, it is vital to prepare for a few speedbumps along the way. While most have typically prepared for the occasional setback, the past two years experiencing a pandemic and recession put all business owners at a great advantage when creating future contingency plans.

Now, it is time to identify current challenges and future obstacles. Once you do this, you can strategize specific scenarios so that your business can thrive through any storm!

  1. Monitor Your Progress Along The Way

You’ve reviewed the year past, identified future business goals, and how to set a strategy to achieve them. You know your strengths and how to promote them while using your business’s previous history and performance to prep for future challenges. Keep it up! Now for the most critical and final step.

Make sure you monitor your progress along the way and allow your business plan to be unsolidified. It may change several times as the market and other unknowns enter the picture. But don’t worry, just keep monitoring your progress and checking in with your goals. That way, you can re-adjust as needed because having a plan in place means you can quickly adapt when necessary to ensure growth.