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By Lily Sachs on October 15th, 2021

Key Points:

  • Why you’re ‘burning out’ at the end-of-year
  • No matter where home is
  • Increasing ROI through fair compensation plans

The end-of-year is always stressful for everyone, especially when you are burning out on your current position. Fortunately, the end-of-year is a beautiful time for you to consider changing jobs, and after COVID shook up the entire working world (and more), we all have a new set of expectations. However, at ProTek Partners, we had created a whole new set of expectations before COVID.

Given all the adversity we have faced this past year, it’s time to touch on ‘the why’ of burning out, how employees everywhere are navigating said change, and how ProTek Partners has adapted.

Why You’re ‘Burning Out’ at the End-Of-Year

The most straightforward answer to experiencing burnout is the build-up of stress over time.

  • 80-hour workweeks
  • Micromanagement or ineffective management
  • Small commission checks compared to the revenue generated
  • KPIs
  • Management was constantly changing goals
  • Salespeople not bringing in good jobs
  • Recruiters refusing to work on specific jobs

So naturally, you begin to think, am I investing another year of my life in this company? Making the next step incredibly clear, it’s time to start searching for a new position. But even searching/choosing a new job has changed since COVID, and it’s not a bad thing.

No Matter Where Home Is

COVID forced companies to offer a work from home strategy.  However, with the Vaxx and hysteria settling, companies are recalling their workforce.  This action will undoubtedly cause another disruption in employees’ lives.  Our company will always be a work-from-home employer.  This predictability will allow people to continue their new way of life and explore it further.  For example, being 100% remote also gives you the ability to live anywhere of your choosing, and the housing market right now is proof that the concept has adapted well.  It will allow people to find better school districts, move states, etc.

Increasing ROI Through Fair Compensation Plans

We know at ProTek Partners that having a cozy compensation plan is crucial to having the drive to get through the end-of-year, so our company began. We sought to cover a blind spot, pay people a significant portion of the deal, and dramatically reduce employee turnover.  If a person is going to the same job, why not maximize the ROI?  Our Management has hired or interviewed candidates from every major agency in the USA.  Curious if we have hired from your company?  We recommend looking at our employees’ LinkedIn profiles.  In doing so, we have confirmed that our compensation plan is multiple times greater than them all.

Wow! Can you imagine the push you internally have when you know the potential of finishing the year with a big commission check? We can! Our commission payout is typically 50% to 200% better than our competitors.

After the change in 2020 and this year, ProTek Partners watch as our competitors move towards our business model.  However, it appears that many or going back to their old ways.  If you are not interested in that direction, please reach out.  Our Management is very transparent.  Our goal is to disclose all information to help people make a good decision about moving to our company.  ProTek is committed to providing an ecosystem to bring out the most productive version of the people that choose to work for us.