Our Value

Pro Tek Partners excels in bridging the gap between the employer and employee/contractor necessary to meet the needs of our customers.  We provide the upper echelon of talent that our clients strive for and deserve.

Our Mission

The value of a recruiting firm lies not only within the candidates we provide, but the relationships that are built over years of effort and reputation. Our clients leverage Pro Tek’s ability to communicate with candidates that are weary and burned out from the traditional transaction-based agency.  We expect to deliver a consistent and quality result and the meticulous process we have established allows for such results. This process starts from the second we begin an interview and continues through in-depth technical screens and reference checks. Our commitment to this process allows for a reliable product and one that our clients can always trust.  

About US

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Staffing Agency

Our Team

The leadership of Pro Tek Partners and our experienced team of recruiters have an average tenure of 10 years in their respective industry. This far exceeds the industry average, and it provides resources that are unavailable to our competitors. These include a high level of industry knowledge, trusted and valued relationships, and an understanding of what it takes to complete the task at hand. The foundation of core contributors that we have built at Pro Tek Partners should parallel what we plan on providing to our clients. 

Finding Talent

Our established network is built to offer our clients the luxury of having the right resources at their fingertips. Pro Tek Partners is geared/wired/set-up to deliver fully vetted and the most technically proficient resources needed to foster/build-upon/grow the Information Technology needs of our customers.