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Pro Tek Partners is a place where entrepreneurship lives. We believe that talented people do best when not asked to attend pointless meetings, make a certain number of calls, and generally be inconvenienced by management. We have created an ecosystem that encourages the individual to make the best decision for themselves, and the company will benefit. A final benefit is that our company is 100% remote. Estimates are up to 600 hours of your life are lost to unproductive activities (dressing, driving (to and from) and staff meetings)

The commission is the reason we all provide staffing. We have scoured the market to learn about our competitors’ compensation plan. We have yet to find a better commission plan. Additionally, we have found that a lot of people are not even sure how they get paid. Our commission plan is a flat fee, and it is upwards of 300 percent better than your big national firms.


  • Free Employee Health Insurance (PPO or Health Savings Account)
  • Top Tier Commission Plan
  • 3 Weeks Vacation
  • Base, no draw
  • No KPI’s or Reports
  • Home Office Equipment
  • Monthly Stipend for Cell and Internet

Current Positions


Our team of recruiters at data-hawks. We are strictly looking for employees that love to catalog data. Doing so allows the most efficient desk possible. Our team has a highly customized Salesforce instance that is a force-multiplier. We don’t have multiple entries or incomplete profiles. This rot exists in our competitors’ databases, burying candidates due to years of turnover and no quality control on data entry. We do not have that issue. Our team also has a well-defined ownership plan.

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Business Development Manager

The role of the Business Development Manager requires the ability to act independently with a sense of urgency and the confidence to handle a variety of challenges. High ethics is a must! The emphasis on results, as well as building rapport and relationships with individuals and groups, requires an outgoing, poised, and persuasive communication style. No pointless meanings mean you are in complete control of your day. Our compensation plan is the best in the business. Do the same job and get paid up to 3 times the money.

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