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In the intricate world of construction project management, the ability to view and manage pending (unsubmitted) project management (PM) objects is a crucial facet of project oversight and control. At ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services, we specialize in leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of #CMiC, including nuanced features like the privilege to see pending PM objects. Here’s how this feature can revolutionize your project management approach.

Understanding “Access to Unsubmitted Records Of The Same Partner”

Within CMiC, specific user privileges determine what information is accessible to different roles. One such privilege, “Access to Unsubmitted Records Of The Same Partner,” plays a pivotal role. This access allows users to view unsubmitted or pending records linked to the same partner, ensuring that critical information is not siloed and that collaborative projects maintain transparency and continuity.

The Admin Box: A Gateway to Comprehensive Oversight

For users with a security role that includes the “Admin” box checked, the visibility into PM objects expands significantly. These users gain the ability to see all pending records, irrespective of their submission status. This level of access is crucial for project administrators and managers who need a holistic view of project statuses to make informed decisions and anticipate needs.

Access Limitations: Navigating Internal Pending Issues

However, even with the “Admin” flag activated, there are thoughtful limitations in place to safeguard sensitive information. For instance, an internal pending issue that belongs to another partner will not be visible to a user, even if they have the “Admin” flag checked on their role. This restriction ensures that confidentiality is maintained between different entities involved in a project.

The Lifecycle of a Pending Record

When a user saves a pending record, it remains within a provisional state until submitted for approval or further action. This interim period is vital for review and adjustments, ensuring that only accurate and finalized records progress through the project management lifecycle.

PM Objects Impacted

The privilege to see pending PM objects impacts a broad range of PM entities within CMiC, including Meeting Minutes (PM and Delivery Management), Transmittals, Communications (PM and Delivery Management), Issues, RFIs, RFPs, Daily Journals, Punch Lists, Field Work Directives, Notices, and OC Transmittals. This access is integral for project managers who are responsible for overseeing these critical aspects of project delivery.

At ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services, we understand the nuances of CMiC’s security and privilege settings. Whether it’s setting up the privilege to see pending PM objects or configuring other sophisticated security measures, our expertise ensures that your project management tools are tailored to your needs.

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