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It’s true that CMiC is a robust system that can do everything, if not more, than comparable Construction ERP systems. However, it’s also true that many companies struggle to get the most out of CMiC due to incorrect implementations or breakdowns in the initial setups of the modules within the system. In fact, some companies may even believe that CMiC is not an effective ERP, when in reality, the problem lies in their implementation and utilization of the system.

One of the key issues that companies face is the lack of sufficient training after the initial implementation. Even if the system was set up correctly, without adequate training, users may not understand how to fully leverage the features and capabilities of the system, which can lead to underutilization and frustration.

Another challenge is that companies may go into optimization mode without a clear path of where to start and how to maximize the system. This can result in a haphazard approach that doesn’t address the root causes of inefficiencies and areas of improvement.

That’s where a CMiC consulting firm like ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services comes in. We have the expertise and experience to assist companies in getting their CMiC implementations on track and running smoothly. Our extensive process dives deep into a company’s processes to uncover inefficiencies and areas of improvement, so we can create a plan that maximizes the potential of the CMiC system.

We work closely with our clients to ensure they have the training and support they need to effectively utilize CMiC, and we provide ongoing support to ensure the system continues to run smoothly over time. With our help, companies can feel confident that their investment in CMiC is paying off and that the system is working for them as it should.

So, if your company is struggling to get the most out of CMiC, don’t give up on the system. Reach out to us today and let us help you get your implementation on track and your processes optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity!