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Key Points:

  1. How the interview process has changed since COVID-19
  2. Eight tips to crush your Zoom interviews
  3. Advice on how to stand-out

Unfortunately, since COVID-19, employers haven’t had the ability to play nice with job seekers. The market that we’re learning to handle has become highly competitive with the switch over to digital marketing and virtual hiring. The numbers show in the number of resumes pouring in over a single job ad. Typical online job ads receive on average 250 applications. However, larger corporations (Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn) are receiving over 1000 applications.

There are solutions to application inflation; it’s not time to give up yet! It’s just time to adapt to the virtual interview process.

8 Tips on Improving Your Zoom Interviews

1. Update your resume and prepare for interview questionsThis goes without saying, but it’s always a good idea to rehearse common interview questions. No one likes getting tongue-tied or caught off guard by a question they haven’t heard in some time.

2. Make sure to look at the camera (not the interviewer)

We all tend to look other people in the eye during virtual meetings. This makes sense because it’s what we would do if we were in person!

Even so, because your camera is typically at the top of your screen, you will not be “making direct eye contact” with your interviewer if you look at their face on your screen. Instead, it’s better to look into the camera itself.

3. Explain any disruptions that may occur

Since we are all working from home now, many new distractions could come up during a Zoom interview. While you should minimize distraction, some may now be out of your control.

A good example would include neighborhood construction or expecting a package delivery. Just make sure to let your interviewer know there may be some minor interference.

4. Explain what the interviewer cannot see

If you have plans to take notes or reference some of your notes during an interview, consider being upfront. Your interviewer can only see your face, so they may be a bit confused when you take a moment to look down.

5. Get dressed!

Even though you’re interviewing from home, this is still an interview, and you should dress as if it’s in person. Yes, you should wear pants and the rest of your outfit so you can enter the interview mindset a little easier.

6. Triple check technology

If your tech isn’t working, you may not be able to interview. Yikes! So make sure you check the functionality of your laptop and applications a few times before the interview.

7. Consider your environment

We already mentioned letting your interviewer know that you might have a few distractions, but you should also make sure to have a presentable background. Consider everything in the location as if you were decorating a corporate setting, “Would this present itself in a professional setting?”

8. Check your lighting!

While you’re checking your technology to make sure it’s all up and running, test out the lighting in your interview location as well. Bad lighting can take away from your virtual interview, so invest in a cheap lighting device or find yourself in a brightly lit room.

If you’re on the job market, take some time to use these eight ways to be a stand-out candidate during your virtual interviews. Are you looking for more job searching tips? Follow us on LinkedIn for weekly industry tips/tricks.