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By Lily Sachs on February 4th, 2022

Key Points:

  1. Talk of Four-Day Work Weeks?
  2. Incorporating in Personal Well-Being Appointments as the Norm.
  3. Unlimited PTO & Encourage Teams to Take Off!
  4. Fluff Meetings Cancelled Permanently

When you think of someone wealthy, what comes to mind first? Is it cars, fancy clothes, massive houses, and expensive vacations? Of course, but post-pandemic, you might answer that question a little differently – Time is the new rich, and if you’re not with the times, your employees are going to seek that stability elsewhere.

At ProTek Partners, we like to stay current with the ever-changing world we live in. While we don’t practice each new ‘hot’ trend below, we offer an untouchable commission structure (700% more than the average), an enhanced culture, no KPIs, no territories, free health care, and profit-sharing. We created this environment by reviewing the market, where it’s moving, and how we can adopt the pieces that make the most sense for us.

But what makes sense for us, might not make sense for you! Review the buzzing trends that companies/leaders today are talking about and how you can upgrade your work environment to stay ahead and save time.

  1. Talk of Four Day Work Weeks?

I’m not sure if you’ve been hearing this buzz, but we have. From fellow company leaders, our employees, and the media. Some companies are taking the work-life balance beyond and adopting the four-day workweek. The benefits? Huge, if you can make it work for your company. It might be too complicated for other industries operating in tighter timeframes. But those who can have happier employees are less likely to burn out or leave and ultimately win the talent war.

2. Incorporating in Personal Well-Being Appointments as the Norm

Taking small breaks throughout the day is crucial for both the employee and the organization. However, many of us neglect to take them because we think those few extra minutes being ‘productive’ are more important. – We’re here to tell you they aren’t. Skipping breaks at work can lead to faster burnout and higher stress levels.

When we take breaks from the workday to add a little time to our well-being, we feel more at ease and are actively tending to our mental health—for example, encouraging your employees to schedule personal appointments during the week and block off the time to do so.

3. Unlimited PTO & Encourage Teams to Take Off!

Seriously, if you’re not offering your employees time off, what are you thinking? 20% of companies in 2021 are offering unlimited PTO, that’s almost a third, and we can only expect that to increase this year. For those that believe this is a bad idea, hear us out first.

With unlimited PTO, you can conquer burnout before it begins, not to mention the money you end up saving not having to payout PTO upon an employee’s termination. Another big worry is, will people take the PTO? Of course, you will always have your overachievers. Just set reminders with your management to keep an eye on who isn’t taking PTO and give them a nudge to take some deserved me-time even if this time interferes with other teammates’ PTO being used. We all take the same holidays, so why can’t we normalize team’s taking off the same Monday for a long weekend retreat? News flash! We can, and many companies do.

4. Fluff Meetings Cancelled Permanently

We practice this trend at ProTek Partners, and it’s one of our main peeves – Back-to-back meetings and some that are just ‘fluff ’should be eliminated and that time saved for revenue-generating activities. So, make it a priority to educate your managers and employees to give themselves a break between meetings and stick to the time allotted, even if a client/customer is late or runs overtime.