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Implementing CMiC can be a daunting task for any construction company. CMiC is not a typical ERP system and requires a deep understanding of the software to ensure everything is set up correctly and business processes are efficient without interfering with other aspects of how the business operates. While some companies may think they can handle a CMiC implementation on their own, they are up against a steep mountain that may lead to unforeseen issues towards the end or post-implementation.

There are several cons to embarking on a CMiC implementation without the help of a CMiC consulting firm. Firstly, companies may not have the requisite expertise to implement CMiC properly, which could lead to issues in the future. Additionally, implementing CMiC without proper training can lead to misunderstandings and errors that can be costly and time-consuming to fix. Furthermore, companies that do not have experience with CMiC may overlook crucial areas of the software during the implementation process.

Common areas that companies overlook during a CMiC implementation include the importance of change management, process mapping, and data migration. Change management is essential to ensure that employees are comfortable with the new system, and the transition is as smooth as possible. Process mapping is vital to ensure that business processes are efficient, and data migration is necessary to ensure that all of the company’s data is migrated correctly to the new system.

There are several benefits of utilizing a CMiC consultant to assist with a CMiC implementation. Firstly, CMiC consultants have the necessary expertise to ensure that the implementation process goes smoothly, all CRPs are successful, and the mock go-live and go-live dates are met. Furthermore, consultants have experience with the software and understand how to implement it properly to ensure that the business processes are efficient and effective.

It is essential to remember that companies do not know what they do not know, which is why it is crucial to consider utilizing a knowledgeable CMiC consultant or team to assist with the implementation. A consultant can provide cost-benefit analysis and recommend the most suitable approach for each organization. In the long run, this can save companies time, money, and prevent issues that may arise during the implementation process.

CMiC is a robust system that requires a deep understanding to ensure a successful implementation. While it may be tempting for some companies to attempt a CMiC implementation on their own, the cons outweigh the benefits. It is crucial to utilize a CMiC consulting firm to ensure a successful implementation, all CRPs are met, and the mock go-live and go-live dates are successful. ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services has the necessary expertise to assist with CMiC implementations, and we encourage companies to consider working with us to ensure a successful implementation.