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Are you ready to take your data analysis and reporting to the next level? Say hello to CMiC BI and its game-changing feature—BI Queries!

Let’s dive right in:

CMiC BI: Empowering Construction Industry Insights

CMiC Business Intelligence (BI) is a powerful tool that empowers businesses in the construction industry to make data-driven decisions. It provides real-time visibility into critical metrics and unlocks the full potential of your CMiC system.

Discover the Magic of BI Queries

BI Queries are the secret sauce within CMiC BI! These advanced queries allow you to create custom logs within your menus, giving you easy access to a vast array of data with just a single click.

How BI Queries Work

With BI Queries, you can easily define data criteria, apply filters, and specify display preferences to retrieve the exact information you need. These queries provide a seamless way to access and visualize data, empowering you to make informed decisions faster.

Here’s how it works:

1. Define Criteria: Start by defining the criteria for your data query. You can select specific fields, apply filters, and set conditions based on your requirements. This level of customization ensures that you extract precisely the information you need.

2. Generate Query: Once you have defined the criteria, generate the BI Query. CMiC’s robust querying capabilities enable you to retrieve data from various modules and tables within your system. This means you can access a wide range of data points in just a few clicks.

3. Customize Display: Tailor the display of your data to suit your preferences. You can choose which columns to show, rearrange the order, and apply formatting options. This flexibility ensures that the data is presented in a way that is most meaningful and actionable for you and your team.

4. Export and Share: With BI Queries, you can export the results to custom Excel templates. This feature enables you to create personalized reports that match your company’s branding and reporting requirements. Seamlessly share these reports with stakeholders for better collaboration and decision-making.

5. Real-Time Insights: BI Queries provide real-time data, giving you the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Say goodbye to outdated reports and make data-driven decisions based on the freshest data available.

By leveraging the power of BI Queries, you can streamline your data analysis process, save valuable time, and gain actionable insights to drive your business forward. Empower yourself and your team with the ability to access and interpret data effortlessly.

One-Click Access to Data, Exportable to Custom Excel Templates

Say goodbye to endless searching and complicated data extraction processes! BI Queries provide you with instant access to nearly any data within CMiC. What’s more, you can export the results into customized Excel templates, tailoring the presentation to your specific needs.

Here’s how it works:

1. Define Query: Begin by creating a BI Query in CMiC, specifying the criteria and filters to extract the desired data. This could include specific fields, time ranges, project details, or any other relevant parameters.

2. Generate Query Results: Execute the BI Query, which will retrieve the data based on the defined criteria. The results will be displayed within CMiC’s BI interface, providing an overview of the data extracted.

3. Export to Excel: To export the data into a customized Excel template, select the option to export the query results. CMiC allows you to export directly to Excel, ensuring seamless integration with the familiar spreadsheet software.

4. Customize Excel Template: Once the data is exported, it can be further customized within Excel. Companies can tailor the template to match their branding, reporting requirements, and specific presentation preferences. This includes adjusting column widths, adding headers, applying formatting styles, and incorporating formulas or macros.

5. Save and Reuse Templates: After customizing the Excel template, save it for future use. This allows companies to maintain consistency in reporting and quickly generate updated reports whenever needed. Saving customized templates also streamlines the reporting process and ensures a standardized format across the organization.

6. Refresh Data: The Excel template can be designed to fetch updated data from CMiC automatically. This means that each time the template is opened or refreshed, it will retrieve the latest data from the CMiC system, providing real-time insights and eliminating the need for manual data entry or manipulation.

By leveraging the export functionality of CMiC BI Queries, companies can create tailored Excel templates that align with their reporting needs and preferences. This empowers them to present data in a visually appealing and meaningful way, facilitating efficient analysis and informed decision-making.

Streamline Reporting and Accelerate Decision-Making

BI Queries offer a simple yet powerful way to extract data and generate reports quickly. Say hello to streamlined reporting processes and bid farewell to manual data gathering. With BI Queries, the information you need is at your fingertips, exactly when and where you need it.

Partner with ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services to navigate the vast capabilities of CMiC BI and master the art of leveraging BI Queries effectively. We’re here to guide you, ensuring you extract maximum value from your CMiC system.