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When it comes to CMiC, every setup detail matters, especially in the submittal process. Today, we’re focusing on a crucial aspect: the Partners & Contacts section. Let’s dive in.

Understanding Partners & Contacts in CMiC

In the context of CMiC’s setup management for submittals, the Partners & Contacts section is where you manage essential relationships. It’s about more than just names and numbers; it’s the key to seamless communication and collaboration.

Setting Up Partners & Contacts

Here’s a simplified guide:

1. Access the Partners & Contacts Section:

  • Log in to your CMiC account.
  • Navigate to the Submittal module, and you’ll typically find the Partners & Contacts section there.

2. Add New Partners & Contacts:

  • Click “Add New” or a similar option to create a new entry.

3. Input Details:

  • Enter contact information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles.
  • Specify their role or relationship to your projects (e.g., architect, subcontractor, owner’s representative).

4. Associate with Projects:

  • Link each partner or contact to the relevant projects. This ensures clear communication channels for each project.

5. Document Attachments:

  • Attach any necessary documents, such as contracts, agreements, or correspondence, to the partner or contact record.

6. Review & Approve:

  • Before finalizing, review the details for accuracy.
  • Make sure that your organization’s approval workflows are correctly set up if needed.

7. Save & Test:

  • Save the entry as a draft or for review (based on your organization’s process).
  • Test the setup to ensure that communication flows as expected.

8. Finalize & Publish:

  • Once validated, finalize the entry and, if required, publish it for use.

Benefits of a Well-Structured Partners & Contacts Setup

  1. Efficient Communication: With all contact details in one place, you can communicate swiftly and accurately, reducing delays and misunderstandings.
  2. Streamlined Collaboration: Easily collaborate with project partners, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  3. Enhanced Accountability: Clear roles and responsibilities improve accountability, helping projects run smoothly.

Pitfalls of Poor Setup

  1. Communication Breakdowns: Without organized contacts, messages may be lost or delayed.
  2. Confusion: Unclear roles can lead to confusion and disputes, affecting project timelines.

Don’t let setup missteps hinder your projects. ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services specializes in setting up Partners & Contacts and other critical CMiC components to optimize your construction processes.

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