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In the dynamic world of construction project management, maintaining a streamlined submittal process is key. Within CMiC, the individual submittal function under the submittals section stands out as a pivotal tool for effective status management.

Understanding the Role of Individual Submittal in Status Management

The individual submittal function acts as the cornerstone, allowing for meticulous tracking and management of each submittal’s status. It offers a granular view, ensuring every document and approval process is monitored and managed with precision.

Setting Up Individual Submittal Function in CMiC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Configuring the individual submittal function within CMiC demands attention to detail. Our article navigates you through this setup process, elucidating critical parameters and best practices for optimum functionality.

Configuring the individual submittal function in CMiC involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access System Administration: Log in to CMiC with administrative privileges to access the System Administration section.
  2. Navigate to Submittals Configuration: From the System Administration menu, locate and select the Submittals Configuration module.
  3. Select Submittal Statuses: Under Submittal Configuration, find the option for Submittal Statuses. Click on it to open the configuration settings.
  4. Create Individual Submittal Statuses: Within Submittal Statuses, create specific statuses for individual submittals. Define statuses like “Under Review,” “Approved,” “Rejected,” or any status relevant to your workflow.
  5. Define Permissions: Set user permissions for each submittal status. Determine which users or user groups can access, modify, or approve submittals at different statuses.
  6. Configure Workflow Rules: Establish workflow rules governing the transition between different submittal statuses. Define rules for moving a submittal from one status to another based on approval or review actions.
  7. Associate Metadata: Configure metadata fields related to individual submittals. Define fields for document types, revision numbers, due dates, or any other relevant information required for tracking.
  8. Customize Views: Customize the interface to display individual submittals efficiently. Set up views that display submittals based on their status, project, or other criteria.
  9. Test and Validate: Once configured, thoroughly test the setup by creating sample submittals and moving them through various statuses. Validate that the defined rules and permissions work as intended.
  10. Training and Documentation: Provide training to relevant users on how to use the configured system effectively. Document the configuration details and guidelines for future reference.

Remember, while configuring the individual submittal function, it’s crucial to align it with your project’s specific workflow requirements and ensure that it meets the needs of your team and stakeholders.

The Power of Proper Configuration: Benefits and Pitfalls

A well-configured individual submittal function ensures flawless status management, enhancing accountability, and expediting project timelines. Conversely, overlooking this setup can lead to chaos, causing delays, and jeopardizing project success.

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