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When it comes to implementing a complex system like CMiC, it is crucial to have a realistic timeline and clear goals in place. The first stage of the implementation process, known as CRP1 (Conference Room Pilot 1), is the first opportunity for companies to see their requirements translated into tangible software functionality. However, it is not uncommon for companies to face challenges during this stage, resulting in CRP1 goals not being met.

Examples of CRP1 goals can include creating a chart of accounts, developing a standard cost structure, establishing a billing process, and developing workflows for project management. These goals may seem straightforward, but when dealing with a complex software system like CMiC, unexpected challenges can arise, causing delays in the implementation timeline.

One common challenge is the expectation of a short implementation timeline. Many companies are given unrealistic timelines of 6-8 months, which is not always feasible given the complexities of a CMiC implementation. A more realistic timeline is 12 months, depending on what is being implemented and how complex the business processes and setups are per the company.

Another challenge is the training process. Training should be geared towards the CRP1 goals to ensure that the pace of the implementation is on par for the scheduled go-live date. However, if training is not adequate, or if it is not tailored to the specific needs of the company, it can lead to delays and a failure to meet CRP1 goals.

When CRP1 goals are not met, it is important to have a plan in place to address the issues and get the implementation back on track. Best practices include identifying the root causes of the challenges and developing a plan to overcome them. It may also be necessary to adjust the implementation timeline and allocate additional resources to the project.

At ProTek Partners – Construction Technology Services, our team has the expertise to set realistic expectations and ensure that CRP goals are met. We understand the complexities of CMiC implementations and can help companies overcome the challenges that arise during the CRP1 stage. With our guidance, companies can successfully implement CMiC and drive towards their scheduled go-live date.

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